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The amazing world of textile technology

AirWork & Heliseilerei GmbH (A&H) is a member of Swisstextiles trade federation and active in the “Rope and lifting technology” research group. Therefore, below we publish some interesting articles about the amazing world of textile technology.

The diverse world of textiles 
The chain of production (German only) 
Members and bodies of the Swisstextiles federation

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VdL Aviation Expert

The German  Aviation Experts Association (VdL) in Stuttgart comprises around 100 members: jurists, experts in a wide variety of fields, sworn reviewers, etc. who all work in the aviation branch. The VdL Association organ is the periodical German Aviation News.

As a member,
Enrico Ragoni, A&H's CEO, is right at the source of a continuous transfer of knowledge about legal matters and other issues concerning aviation and can avail himself of many contacts.

The association organises 4 advanced training courses per year in Langen near Frankfurt.

You can find publications of A&H EXP in the German Aviation News here (2nd section) (sorry, available only in german)

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